PTI USA suspends President Junaid Bashir and General Secretary Sam Khan

Complainants failed to provide the authenticity of post, says Secretary OIC

New York,

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf USA chapter suspended the membership of President Junaid Bashir, General secretary Sam Khan for 3 months after review decision.

According to Review Decision “A complaint lodged against respondent and forwarded to standing committee on accountability and discipline (SCAD) North America for necessary action on October 1st 2020,  it was alleged that the respondents was harming the party by going on to public forums/media leveling charges of fraud in PTI USA chapter. The complainants attached a public post in Support.

On 6th October 2020 notices were issued to both parties and in their response the complainants withdrew their complaint, SCAD North America gave their decision on October 8th 2020 and matter disposed.

After the decision SCAD North America received an email from the complainants that they had filed the complaint on the directions of Dr. Abdullah Riar, secretary OIC. They stated “later on we realized that issues raised in this complaint were related to OIC not with us so we decided to withdraw this complaint which we were made to file” .

This led to SCAD NA reopening the matter and referring it to central SCAD. In their response they authorized SCAD NA to review and determine whether any violations of constitution had been committed by the parties named.

Copy of Review Decision issued by PTI SCAD North America

Accordingly, notices were given to secretary OIC respondents and complainants. SCAD NA has reviewed the joint response of the complainants, Respondent and secretary OIC. Based on the positions taken and evidence provided SCAD North America determines that:

  • Secretary OIC stated that the alleged public posts were provided to OIC secretary by the complainants. He has provided evidence in support of assertion.
  • The complainants have failed to take a clear position and be transparent about where they obtained the post.
  • The complainants have failed to provide the authenticity of the post and details of the origin where it was published.
  • The respondents have denied any association with the alleged news item.
  • Relying on the information provided by the complainants, Sec OIC directed them to file a complaint with SCAD to safe guard PTI Image.
  • The complainants filed a complaint and withdrew it on their own. They provided conflicting reasons for this withdrawal in their communication to SCAD. They had failed to inform the secretary OIC of this decision.
  • The complainants have showing a lack of understanding the party structure. They are not clear whether OIC secretary is a constitutional appointment can or cannot direct PTI USA.
  • This position is in direct conflict with prior sequence of events in PTI USA in which secretary OIC directed PTI USA in creation of USA body, membership, drive conduct of elections with EC USA registration with FARA and dissolution of LLC.

Similarly interventions by secretary OIC were required in Middle east UK and Europe in the first year of implementation of PTI OIC organizations globally.

Based upon above determinations the conduct of the complainants falls under article XII.2 to be dealt as disciplinary violations.

According to the OIC and SCAD findings the complainants have failed to be forth right in their communications. They lodged a complaint without diligence and attempted to pass the blame on to the secretary OIC without providing the evidence in support. This can be constructed as a deliberate attempt to mislead SCAD.

Copy of Review Decision issued by PTI SCAD North America

Their attempt to deflect responsibility and ignorance of party structure and chain of command is unacceptable and therefore SCAD NA finds them in clear violations.

However SCAD NA is providing an opportunity to complainants to reflect and accept the norms of functioning in a structure environment.

Under the circumstances SCAD NA has unanimously decided to impose a penalty on the complainants PTI USA President Mr. Junaid Bashir and PTI USA General secretary Sam Khan of suspension from their positions for 3 months effectively and immediately.

Copy of Review Decision issued by PTI SCAD North America

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