PTI USA Issue Disciplinary Action Notice to Zafar Cheema

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf USA chapter (PTI USA) issued a notice for disciplinary action to Zafar Cheema through an official notification signed by Abrar Sam Khan, General Secretary of PTI USA.

The disciplinary action notice is comprised of two violations of party’s code and conducts on two separate occasions. The first violation as per according to the notice, is due to the usage of “self-created designation”. The notice explains that Zafar Cheema had been using the designation of “Chairman PTI World” for himself, a designation that the party is not familiar with. The party through the notice had expressed concerns over the usage of false position for gaining social media fame.

In the second violation, Zafar Cheema has been warned of posting pictures with SCAD members for promotional purposes. The notice explains that such acts make the respected members look biased.

The notice further warned Mr. Zafar Cheema that the repetition of both acts or a similar misconduct will lead to the case being taken up to SCAD North America.

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