PTI Overseas Interparty Elections; Sam Khan Sweeps Floor With a Staggering Win

PTI United has emerged victorious in the Inter Party Elections of PTI overseas, defeating IK Shaheen and Insaf Panel PTI in the state of New Jersey and New York respectively.


According to the results ushered by the election commission of PTI overseas, presidential candidate from the PTI United Sam Khan has been appointed president, post sweeping the elections with a staggering 164 votes compared to 31 votes for IK Shaheen in the state of New Jersey.


Post victory, Sam Khan came out with an emotional speech stating:

“One thing I can promise that our team will work with everyone who wants to spread Imran Khan’s vision to uplift the image of Pakistan and Pakistanis in the USA. Even though they called me an Indian Agent (This slander breaks my heart, I am friends with everyone. The point of living in America is to be a part of the world and stop these grudges that have no value). My forefather migrated from India in 1947 and sacrificed millions of lives. We live in a melting-pot country where our kids are friends with people of every race and religion. They don’t care whether someone is Pakistani, Indian, Bengali, Nepali, white, black, Muslim, or non-Muslim, they care whether someone is a good person, and we need the same mentality. If we want Pakistan to be successful on a global scale, this animosity between ourselves and others has to end because otherwise, continuing this negatively will never allow Pakistan to gain acceptance by the world. This victory is indicative of the fact that my fellow Pakistanis want to do the best for Pakistan, to be a leader in the world that promotes peace and unity instead of division and mindless hatred. Despite everything, I will continue to work with those who have wronged me and accused of outrageous things because, as a leader, I know that there is no value to arguing, and it is better to add something to this world that will help it instead of hurt it. Our team has worked hard, and I’m proud that we are now able to change the status quo and move forward. God bless America and long live Pakistan.”

In the Interparty PTI elections for New York, United Panel saw the Insaf Panel PTI in a close combat, winning the elections with a slight margin of just 15 votes. Presidential candidate for United Panel Zameer Khan swept the floor with a close match, gaining 368 votes in comparison to the 353 gained by Amjad Nawaz, candidate for Insaf Panel PTI.

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