Partial relaxation in pandemic corona virus lockdown in US state of Maryland

Maryland, US

Panic, economic stagnation and other problems have gripped the powerful and developed nations in the world like the super power United States itself. All kinds of opportunities for leisure and socializing seem very rare. The world seems to have reduced its fantasy. But the fearless personnel of the US state of Maryland have shown a new ray of light by combining a unique and colorful way of social interaction.

In the US state of Maryland amid the existing frustration among the people due to the covid 19 SOPs, partial Quarantine and social distance, the spirit of the Baltimore business community, Ahmed Rana and his wife, Dr. Sajida Zulfiqar Rana brought the community together on one platform while maintaining the sanctity of Muharram.

On the occasion, Ahmed Rana and Dr. Sajida Zulfiqar Rana said that they have immense love for the beloved homeland and the people of the community. We will continue our efforts in promoting the spirit of love and self-sacrifice for each other.

Prayers and a special dinner was also arranged for the guests towards the end of the program.

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