Paris Climate March Halted After Violent Clashes

A peaceful climate march in Paris has been halted after it was infiltrated by other protest groups.

Climate protesters marched through Paris for a second day on Saturday in a rally that saw sporadic clashes between masked demonstrators and police who also broke up “yellow vest” groups trying to stage unauthorized gatherings in the capital.

Groups of anarchist demonstrators joined in, breaking windows and setting fire to street barricades.

Families abandoned the march as violent clashes prompted French police, who have previously been accused of excessive violence, to fire tear gas and make over 100 arrests.

Activists run through clouds of tear gas

As the violence worsened, police used tear gas to disperse groups of protesters.  A huge security operation involved 7,000 police officers.

The climate protest drew some 16,000 participants, according to the police, a day after several thousand young people had turned out in Paris, as in other cities worldwide, to demand government action over climate change.

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