Pakistan’s Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani survives no-confidence resolution

Sadiq Sanjrani, Pakistan’s Senate Chairman ,on Thursday survived a no-confidence motion moved against him by the opposition.

50 votes were received in favour of the no-confidence motion, thus the resolution against Sadiq Sanjrani was not adopted. Voting took place through a secret ballot with a total of 53 votes required to remove the chairman.

The opposition needed at least 53 votes for the resolution to be passed but fell just three votes short of victory. Five votes were rejected, while 45 were cast against the no-confidence resolution.

The opposition has a total of 67 members, one of whom (Ishaq Dar), has still not taken oath. PML-N’s Chaudhry Tanvir, who has reportedly fallen ill, was also not in attendance. Out of the remaining 65 senators, two belong to Jamaat-i-Islami, which decided to abstain from the proceedings.

This is the first time the upper house of parliament has tabled no-confidence motions against its chairman and deputy chairman (Saleem Mandviwala). The motion against Sanjrani was submitted by opposition members last month. A similar motion was submitted by the government senators against Senate Deputy Chairman Mandviwala.

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