Pakistani Premier Imran Khan Airplane makes Emergency Landing in New York

The airplane carrying Prime Minister Imran Khan and his delegation back to Pakistan after a successful tour of the United States was rerouted to New York on Friday after developing a technical fault.

According to reports, the minor technical fault was being fixed and there was no cause for concern. The technical fault was noticed when the airplane was near Toronto.

PM Imran will spend the rest of the night in New York and board the airplane once the technical fault has been fixed. It is not immediately clear when the fault will be fixed.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Lodhi escorted the prime minister back to the Roosevelt Hotel where he was staying during his hectic seven-day trip and will spend the rest of his time there while efforts are underway to fix the airplane as quickly as possible.

Officials said if the plane is not fixed in the morning, the prime minister would take a commercial flight back to Pakistan where he is anxious to visit earthquake-hit areas and visit the affected families.

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