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Pakistani Consulate appreciates APAG efforts for Kashmir day Resolution.

New York,

Pakistani Consul General, Ayesha Ali, Invites American-Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG) to Lunch After Kashmir Day Resolution Passed in New York State Assembly.

APAG team led by President Ali Rashid reached the consulate. Various issues and community issues were also discussed during the meeting. During the lunch and meeting, SOPs for prevention of Covid-19 were also fully observed.

Consul General Ayesha Ali praised APAG team for their services. She said that she has often seen that APAG not only strives for the betterment of the Pakistani community but has also served humanity indiscriminately during Corona Pandemic.

The Consul General also briefed the APAg team on the Government of Pakistan’s provision of Roshan Pakistan Digital Account facility for overseas Pakistanis.

 Ali Rasheed, Presidentof APG, said that he would encourage the community to open and use Roshan Pakistan Digital Account to transfer money from his organization’s platform to Pakistan.


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