Pakistan vows to stand by Disputed Kashmir, respond to ‘Indian misadventures’

Pakistan’s civil and military leadership on Sunday warned India that Islamabad would respond to any “misadventure” or aggression against Pakistan.

The warning came in a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office in the capital Islamabad after a meeting of the National Security Committee, a forum of top civil and military official, chaired by Premier Imran Khan.

The participants condemned Indian army’s “destabilising efforts” in AJK and occupied Kashmir at a time when “Pakistan and the international community were focused on resolving the Afghan conflict”. They also noted that aggression by the Indian forces will “increase the level of violence and turn [the region] into a flash point and a destabilising factor”.

“The more India is exposed internally and internationally in its machinations, the more there are chances that it may resort to desperate and risky options including false flag operations,” the statement read.

Islamic bloc also reacted, as a separate statement by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said it was “deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation in the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir including reports of deployment of additional paramilitary forces and use of banned cluster munition by the Indian forces to target civilians.”

Kashmir has surged back into the spotlight in recent days after New Delhi deployed at least 10,000 troops to the region and ordered foreign tourists and pilgrims to vacate the area citing an imminent threat of a suicide bombing.

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