Pakistan: Key progress in Corona treatment as First patient donates her plasma to Children’s Hospital

Yahya Jaffrey, the first patient recovering from Corona, donated his plasma to Children’s Hospital Karachi, which will be used to save the lives of Corona virus-infected patients. Antibodies will be made using FD plasma. Hospital CEO and renowned Hematologist Dr Saqib Ansari addressed a press conference at Children’s Hospital Gulshan-e-Iqbal along with Yahya Jaffrey, his parents and renowned cricketer Roman Reyes, the first Corona virus patient in Pakistan. That they need a government fund, additional workforce or machinery.

There is no waste, the machines that are used to process plasma for dengue treatment can be used to treat corona. They said that we have trained staff through which we can fight corona virus. Infectious healers can obtain plasma from patients’ bodies and treat infected patients, the government should issue guidelines for the treatment of infected patients.

Dr. Fazal Mahmood, from Children’s Hospital Karachi and US Methods Hospital Houston are in contact and there is mutual cooperation between the two hospitals in this regard. “We are fighting the Corona virus in three directions, we are trying to prevent it from spreading, treating infected patients and not letting panic spread in the society, Corona is a new virus in the world. He is working in the field of treatment and is getting help from past experiences in this regard.

On this occasion he introduced Yahya Jaffrey, the first Corona virus patient in Pakistan, and informed that he has visited Children’s Hospital Karachi today. Donated his capital. Dr. Saqib Ansari praised Yahya Jafri’s parents for their commitment to Corona He appealed to the other patients to come forward for the betterment of humanity. He said that an effective method of preserving the plasma was already in place in most hospitals in Pakistan. He said that US agencies had published the advertisement. He appealed to the patients to donate their capital, adding that they would give access to the capital to specific doctors and specialists with the permission of the government. Corona virus can save all patients with plasma and save it.

So far 94 people have recovered from the disease, almost half of them are women. Yahya Jafri said that soon the virus will become part of history. What will be remembered is our determination and motivation. Roman Reyes appealed to the nation to show patience and protect themselves by confining themselves to their homes. He said that I am with Dr. Saqib Ansari for this purpose, he has bags for the children of Semia. We also appealed for blood donations. Just as we defeated India in the Champions Trophy, so will Corona

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