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Pakistan can no longer tolerate sectarianism, says prominent Shia cleric

New York,

Prominent Shia cleric Ayatullah Doctor Sakhawat Hussain Sandralvi urges to Government of Pakistan to take a notice of lodges false FIR and cases against peoples of shia sect, he also demands the assurance to protect Shia Community.

While addressing to press conference held at Al Mehdi foundation in Brooklyn borough of New York, Allama Doctor Sakhawat Hussain Sandralvi demands to take legal action against those who involved in lodging False FIR and Cases against Shia People and trying to promote sectarianism.

“Shia sect respects wives of Prophet (Peace be upon him) and companions (Radi Allah Tala Anhu) from the depth of heart and soul. If any irresponsible preacher, speaker or Zakir does such a thing, then he is responsible for it. The Shiite nation has nothing to do with it”, he clarified.

He also stated that Shia Nation does not consider to write (Radi Allah Tala Anhu) with the names of  all enemies of Ahl-e-Bayt and have been involved in brutal killing of Imam Hussain, martyrs of Karbala and Sahab-e-Karaam (r.a).

“Ahl e Sunnah and Ahl e Tashi lives side by side since long and both the sect respect the beliefs of each other but now not only False cases are being lodge against Shia’s, forced to convert their belief and  also foreign funding is being used to repeat conditions of 1980 era in Pakistan”, Allama Sakhawat Hussain claimed.

He said Pakistan can no longer tolerate sectarianism, Government of Pakistan must take a notice against the people’s those trying to sabotage law and order situation through their disgusting intentions.

“Sectarian hate speeches, language of those involved in provocations should be banned, and action should be taken against banned organizations and their leaders, he Demanded.

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