Pakistan calls back its High Commissioner from India over harassment of diplomats

Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India, Mr. Sohail Mahmood returning back home after continuous harassment

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan has called back its High Commissioner from India for consultation on the issue of harassment of its diplomats in New Delhi, Foreign Office spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal disclosed this at the weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday.

The Spokesperson said that deliberate maltreatment of diplomats and their families by India is not confined to single event and continues unabated despite our protest. He said the total apathy and failure of the Indian Government to put a halt to these despicable incidents, sparing not even young children, indicates both a lack of capacity to protect foreign diplomats posted in India and a more reprehensible, complicit unwillingness to do so. Ambassador Sohail Mahmood and his staff members are being harassed by the Indian security men since last few days.

Regretting that no positive action has been taken so far by India on the issue, Dr Faisal said security of our diplomats is paramount and Pakistan will take every step, in this regard. Urging India to stop playing the Pakistan card in its domestic politics he said India better not indulge in their political point scoring.

The spokesperson pointed out the 37th Session of UN Human Rights Council held in Geneva, Switzerland where Pakistan urged India to stop bloodshed in Occupied Kashmir and resolve the dispute in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiri people and in line with UN Security Council Resolutions.

To a question, spokesperson said Pakistan is not oblivious to arms buildup in its neighborhood particularly in India and has been proposing measures for promoting restraints in the use of nuclear technology. He said we expect outside actors to be mindful of the imperative of strategic stability in south Asia and not to pursue policies that generate strategic imbalances.

He also said that Pakistan welcomes the US announcement of head money for militant leaders and said that these were the militants involved in deadliest terror attacks in Pakistan. The spokesperson said the US and coalition forces in Afghanistan need to do more to nab militants using Afghan soil for perpetrating heinous activities inside Pakistan.


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