Over 900 Children Separated from Families at U.S. Border

911 children have been separated from their families at the United States border since a judge ordered that the practice be sharply curtailed, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said

They include 678 whose parents faced allegations of criminal conduct. Other reasons include alleged gang affiliation, unfitness or child safety concerns, “unverified familial relationship” or parent illness.

About one of every five children separated is under five years old, including babies.

One parent was separated for a five-dollar theft that resulted in a six-day jail sentence, according to ACLU.

A government spreadsheet shows 44 separations were based on assault allegations.

They added, 11 cases, there is no indication that the parent was convicted and 34 do not indicate the severity of the offence.

The ACLU went back to court claiming that the government was still separating families, making exceptions to its pledge to end the practice.

Immigration and child advocates, Democratic lawmakers and the United Nations have condemned separations.

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