Over 60 Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan

The US and Afghan security forces killed more than 60 Taliban militants in Logar and Kandahar provinces, officials said.

According to Shahpur Ahmadzai, spokesman for the police headquarters in Logar, the security forces conducted a clean-up operation in the restive Azara district on Wednesday night, killing 45 Taliban fighters and wounding 15 others.

He said one security personnel was killed and eight others were wounded in the operation.

A large number of militants had gathered here to wage a massive assault in the district located at a distance of less than 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the capital Kabul, he added.

Jamal Nasir, spokesman for the police headquarters in southern Kandahar province, said at least 22 Taliban militants were killed in a join operation by the U.S. and Afghan forces.

There has been no immediate reaction from the Taliban on these two incidents.

The group’s spokesman, however, took responsibility for a separate improvised explosive device attack on a security check post in Kabul that killed two policemen.

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