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One Year of Indian Barbarism in Kashmir; Pakistani Community in NY Protest at UN Headquarters

Upon the completion of a whole year for the disputed territory of Kashmir under severe lockdown by the government of Indian Prime Minister Modi, the Pakistani community of New York took to themselves and recorded their protest outside UN headquarters as well as at Times Square.


The Pakistani community was accompanied by a large number of Kashmiri communities along with Indian Sikhs, all gathering to raise their voices against the barbarism of Indian government and their army in the state of Kashmir.


The protesters consisted of a large number of men along with women and children that held banners and placards, directing towards the atrocities being carried out in Kashmir for over a whole year now.


The protest at Times Square was hurdled by a group of Indian protestors, that opposed the narrative of the protest.The protesters demanded the world powers to intervene in the Kashmir situation and ensure peace in the land. The protesters also expressed passion towards solving the issue, exclaiming that they will not back out of their motive until the land of Kashmir is free of Modi’s cynical movements.

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