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NYPD Announces New Initiative for Youth Crime Prevention

New York Police Department announces “Youth Co-ordination Officer”, a highly-successful neighborhood policing initiative in an effort to proactively intervene with children before they engage in criminal activity

NYPD, in their notification, notified that the chief of NYPD had selected youth co-ordination officers for the safety program. The core of this strategy includes the talented, committed NYPD personnel, and their accumulated previous encounters with young people to make a lasting and positive difference in their lives.

The common goal for the initiative is to identify opportunities for intervention with young people. NYPD police officers will work towards preventing young New Yorkers from being led on a downward trajectory of crime, and work towards our common goal of keeping all kids safe.

Commissioner Kevin O’Connor, in-charge of the program, plans to establish a conference to enlighten the people about the mutual work of the community and the police in terms of serving the people. NYPD 60PCT, 62PCT, 68PCT, 76PCT and PSA1 will also be present in the corresponding meeting.

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