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NY: Violence Stricken Pakistani American Ammar Ahmed to Testify Before Jury

Ammar Ahmed, a Pakistani American living in Brooklyn, New York, was abducted before being beaten and threatened to death by three Pakistani men. Upon reaching out for justice, Ammar Ahmed has been granted protection order by the court with the perpetrators arrested. Ahmed has been further asked to come forth and testify in front of the court on the 14th of September.

The victim, already fighting cancer and undergoing harsh treatments for the cure, was kidnapped and beaten brutally by three men. The kidnappers robbed him of his car and other valuables before stabbing him in the shoulder with a knife, says Ammar Ahmed while talking to Voice of South Asia.

According to Ammar Ahmed, the three men that carried out the deed claimed to be men of influence and thus threatened the victim of severe consequences if he tried to reach out to the police.

A letter has been issued on the name of Ammar Ahmed by the Supreme Court of the State of New York, commanding the victim to appear before the grand jury of the county of Kings as a witness for the incident.

Amid the whole saga, the victim had also been approached by the family of the accused to negotiate on a pact of harmony in order to avoid prosecution.

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