Novel COVID-19 Corona Tally rose upto 1000 in Pakistan

Chinese Aid to CM Sindh 5 lacs Mask and 50 Corona testing Kits

Pandemic Novel COVID-19 Corona virus spread globally, Lockdown in most of the countries including Pakistan where pandemic corona grips the country and tally rose up to 1000 patients. The country locks down and Pandemic continuously spread widely. The first corona contact in Pakistan with peoples return from Iran where Pandemic already grips the country and severely affected the mass. The number of corona cases sky rocketing in Iran, 1,934 confirmed deaths reported from COVID 19 and total 24,811 infected cases reported. Iran’s, Mashad and Qum cities are the epic center for Muslims like Mecca and Medina and pilgrims frequently visit Iran. Likewise two neighbors Pakistan and Iran have huge mass pilgrimage. Iran is severely affected from Pandemic and pilgrims of Pakistan affected worst. The affected peoples return from pilgrimage from Iran and bring most of the cases to Pakistan soil and then locally transmitted the virus across the cities in Pakistan. Total number rose up to 1000 with this date and new 28 diagnostics of Covid19 corona virus, 7 deaths reported and 19 are fully recovered from Pandemic COVID 19 corona virus. Active cases of corona are 974 mean while 5 are in critical condition. Government of Pakistan already taken precautious measures and halt the flight operations throughout the airfields in Pakistan while SINDH, PUNJAB, and BLAOCHISTAN are on full Lock down. All the government institutes/ offices were closed, Markets, schools, malls, shopping centers were closed and citizens are not allowed to go out. Media houses, artist and civil society run the awareness campaigns on media and social media to avoid public gatherings and mass gatherings and how virus transmits and affected to other peoples.
Government of Sindh arrange Quarantine/Isolation center for 2000+ patients, in

Sukkur Labor Colony converted in Quarantine Center from Government of Sindh

Sukkur Labor colony for Pilgrims return from Iran where they tested, live in isolation and treated.

Sukkur isolation arrangements by Government of Sindh

600 plus suspected pilgrims discharged from Sukkur, they have been tested for Covid-19 and resultant negative that is why they were released. Friendly nations Pakistan and China hand to hand together and helps each other. China donated half million (5 lacs) N-95 surgical face mask and fifty thousand testing kits for corona virus infections. Earlier on Tuesday, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah receives the medical aid from China at Karachi, Jinnah International airport and appreciates to chineese authorities. World Health organization also honor and appreciates the CM Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah efforts to control and arrangements to counter for the safety of the peoples from Pandemic COVID 19 Corona virus.

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