NICVD conducts Successful first free paediatric open heart surgery in remote Tando Muhammad Khan area of Sindh

Tando Muhammad Khan,

The Paediatric Cardiothoracic surgery team at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Tando Muhammad Khan performed a successful open heart surgery procedure on a 2 year old baby, named Abbas Ali. NICVD has created history in the cardiac care on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 when a two-member team of surgeons led-by Dr. Shohail Khan Bangash (Head of Paeds Cardiac Surgery, NICVD) and Dr. Saad Badar Zakai (Paeds Cardiac Surgeon, NICVD) along with paeds cardiologist Dr. Abdul Sattar Shaikh and anesthesiologist Dr. Amin Khuwaja performed the first, free of charge open heart surgery on the baby.

NICVD Surgeons Team conducts successful open heart surgery at Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh.

The Surgeons said that the baby from Badin who was diagnosed to have Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), baby is stable and recovering, they said when the patient’s parents were told that your child would be operated upon near to his abode was overwhelmed with joy and added the people of Tando Muhammad Khan and adjoining areas are jubilant over the successful open heart surgery on the baby in an area close by. They said that the baby will be able to live a normal, healthy life no different from any other child his age.

Congratulating NICVD’s surgeon’s team, Executive Director of NICVD Professor Nadeem Qamar stated that this is a huge achievement of National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases to perform first paeds open heart surgery at NICVD Tando Muhammad Khan 100% free, because this major cardiac surgery used to be done only in big cities of the country or abroad. With initiation of this cardiac surgery facilities, we will be able to provide comprehensive cardiology care to paeds patients. NICVD aims at bridging the gap of heart healthcare across Sindh Province and ensuring that we provide specialized care at the doorstep of every needy patient.

He further added that NICVD Tando Muhammad Khan which is a 100-bed specialized facility, has performed more than 150 adult cardiac surgeries so far within a short span of time while thousands of patients are being also treated free of cost. NICVD Tando Muhammad Khan follows international standard in terms of healthcare and is providing all basic and major cardiac healthcare services, including cardiac emergency, consulting clinics, interventional cardiology and critical care for the population of TMK and its peripheries.


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