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New York’s Muslims for Progress Primary Elections Campaign

Muslim for Progress is a group of Muslims active in NASSAU County and Queens, New York. The Muslim for Progress organization was founded in 2017. The aim is to help the Muslim community abroad and provide them better platform, religious freedom, minority rights, immigrant rights, gun violence precautions,ramifications in living standards, affordable education, healthcare and other issues relating to the community. Muslims for Progress is now active in New York’s primary elections. The organization aims to implement standard policies, select better leaders, and influence positive change.

Whether it is Kashmir issue, the brutal massacre of Muslims at the Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand or the injustice with the African American community in the United States. Muslims for Progress has always supported Muslims and record protests against atrocities against Muslims.

This year, the organization introduced four different bills on prejudice against Muslims on the basis of religion and nationality, hate crimes, Islamophobia and other issues. The first bill, S7-198, was introduced against anti-Muslim prejudice and discrimination.

Second Bill S7-199 Anti-Semitism was presented, including hate crimes or prejudice and religious intolerance. Muslim for Progress also raised its voice against hate crime and hate speech

The third bill, the S7-200, is about hate crime and hate speech. The bill comes after a sharp rise in hate crimes and hate speech against Muslims.

The fourth bill, S7-201, is a statewide campaign under this bill, an important necessary step to eradicate hatred, including anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim prejudice that we are currently facing.

Syed Adnan Bukhari Organizer from Pakistani American community helping unite the South Asian community and organizations.

Toufique Harun, organizer of Muslims for Progress, shared his views to Voice of South Asia. He says: “the main purpose of our organization is to strengthen the voice of all Muslims living in the United States for their rights. We want the Muslim community to participate in local and national politics, to promote harmony with local and other nationalities and different religions.”

He also said that the well-known Muslim candidates in politics of the United States help the candidates in their election campaigns so that they can get elected and join the local and national government to better highlight the problems of Muslims. Toufique Harun believes that local policy is the real foreign policy. Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and other countries live in the United States. Their nationalities are different from each other, but all Muslims here are like one family, there is no difference. Muslims Progress volunteer Ruhee Kapadia told Voice of South Asia that many voters are wondering what will change with just one vote. But we believe that by approaching door-to-door and appeal for a single vote, Muslim candidates can get the votes from their entire community and that is the best way to bring change.

The organization has been working for the rights and protection of the Muslim community since the first day of its existence without any difference of night. Whenever difficult times came and the needy were helped without any discrimination.

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