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New York: Pakistani Organization Active in Social Aid Amid Covid-19

United States of America has suffered a good deal following the drastic hit of the pandemic Covid-19, with the country recording over 1.3 million cases with over 76,000 dead as of yet. New York remained the epicenter of the pandemic, with over 325,000 cases recorded across the state. According to an official report, over 144,000 cases have been filed of unemployment post the Covid-19 hit. Most of the residents of various states across the country find themselves on the mercy of social aid.

Pakistani American youth organization, on this occasion has stood up to the opportunity of providing aid in these relentless conditions. “PAYO” distributed 400 Grocery boxes to the indigent New Yorkers in Brooklyn New York .

Brooklyn borough president Eric Adam visited Coney Island Avenue ( little Pakistan) on this occasion and joined this food pantry in distributing grocery boxes to the people in despair.

PAYO through their food pantry, distributes nutrients and other daily life props to the people every Thursday. Pakistani American Youth Organization recognizes the condition post the Pandemic and has vowed to strive towards great extents in order to support the people stricken by the calamity.

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