Muslim ambassadors assistance to needy Bangladeshis and will continue in the future.

According to Anadolu News agency, Envoys of Muslim countries serving in Bangladesh on Saturday donated six tons of food for needy people in the capital Dhaka, said a Foreign Ministry statement. 

“For the poor people of Bangladesh this type of assistance will continue in the future,” Palestinian Ambassador Yousef S.Y. Ramadan said on behalf of his fellow diplomats.

When Bangladeshi Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen received the donations, also present at the occasion were Saudi Ambassador Essa Yousef Essa Alduhailan, Egyptian Ambassador Walid Ahmed, and Indonesian Ambassador Rina Prihtyasmiarsi Soemarno.

Momen expressed gratitude to the envoys and also thanked the Muslim countries for the initiative.

The donated food will be distributed among needy people in Dhaka under the supervision of city officials, said a statement.

The needy in Bangladesh are going through a difficult period due to the nationwide lockdown over coronavirus that began on March 26 and is due to last through April 25.

Millions of low-income people need food, including day laborers, rickshaw pullers, garment workers, transport workers and other petty traders like vegetable venders, barbers, and roadside tea or fruit sellers.

Three more people in Bangladesh have died of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, raising the total death tally to 30, according to the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research.

Moreover, 58 people contacted the virus during the period, bringing the total infected number to 482, while a total of 36 infected have recovered from the disease so far.

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