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Murder ratio decreased by 23.3% while NYPD gun arrests increase 99.4%, NYPD

Major decline in overall crime in NYC, NYPD

New York City,

New York Police department publicized the statistics of crime for the month of June 21. According to statistics published on NYPD web site, data shows major declined in number of murders and shooting incidents in New York City compared with June 2020.


According to NYPD murder ratio decreased by 23.3% while shooting incidents decreased by 19.5%. There are 361-gun arrests for the month of June by department, a 99.4 % increase compared with the same period a year ago.

Overall NYPD published data index crime in the city in June 2021, rose 3.1% compared with June 2020, driven by a 32.3% increase in grand larceny, a 31.2% increase in Grand Larceny Auto, and a 16% increase in robbery. For the month of June, the crime of burglary posted a 49.6% reduction compared to the previous year.


As summer proceeds, the NYPD remains focused on precision policing to reduce violence across all five boroughs. Investigators are continuing to build comprehensive long-term cases against those who carry out violence using firearms as demonstrated by the most recent 81-count indictment in Brooklyn that charged 14 alleged gang members in connection to 11 shooting incidents.


Court system expanding its operational capacity, the NYPD and its prosecutorial partners will continue to present these types of long-term investigations that expressly target drivers of violence.

NYPD working with community partners is also integral to the department’s overall public safety strategy, listening to local concerns and implementing intelligence-driven plans. NYPD commanders always, scrutinize every act of violence and remain flexible in their deployment of officers to violence hotspots, as well as their strategic use of overtime to increase police presence at critical times, while also monitoring the latest crime trends to best utilize a wide array of departmental resources.

According to NYC Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said that “Keeping all New Yorkers safe is what drives us, and your police officers are working with community members around the clock to do just that”, “Through targeted deployment and collaborative efforts with those we serve, the department continues in its mission to stamp out criminal activity and hold those who commit acts of violence to account” reflects.

Source: New York Police Department, NYPD.Org

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