Multiple blasts rock Kabul-At least 8 killed including Croatian Soldier

The Afghan capital was hit by three bombings on Thursday, killing at least eight people, including five women and one child and 27 were wounded.

The morning’s first attack was carried out by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle who blew himself up in front of a bus carrying Ministry of Mines employees,

A suicide car bomb then targeted international coalition forces in eastern Kabul, according to police

A Croatian soldier serving in Afghanistan died and two were seriously injured in a suicide attack on their convoy outside the capital.

The third blast was a smaller magnetic explosive device left near the scene of the bus attack, which caused no deaths, the Interior Ministry spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the insurgent group captured Keran Wa Manjan district in northeastern Badakhshan province bordering Pakistan, Tajikistan and China.

The insurgent group claimed about 40 Afghan security personnel surrendered the Taliban during the course of fighting.

The bombing comes amid an increase in violence in Kabul and around Afghanistan, where the war is taking a continued toll even amid a US-led effort to make a peace deal with the Taliban.

U.S. chief negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad has arrived in the region for a new round of talks with insurgent interlocutors in Doha, the capital of the Gulf state of Qatar. The two adversaries are said to have come closer to signing an agreement in the nearly year-long dialogue.

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