30 dies and More than 2400 health care practitioners contracted with corona virus

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An alarming number of novel corona virus covid-19  cases across Pakistan takes front line  health care  professionals on high risk.  More than 30 doctors, medics, first res-ponders loss their lives in fight against  corona virus. According to Lieutenant general Muhammad Nadeem Afzal , chairman National disaster management authority  briefly describes that more than 2400 doctors, nurses and paramedics healthcare practitioners has been  infected with covid-19.

The infection took place from local transmission or local virus careers during the treatment of their patients. No travel history found from any of the doctor or healthcare workers  to pandemic hit epicenter around the globe.

Contracted doctor, nurses, health care professionals isolates at home and numbers increasing day by day due to ignore standard operating procedures (SOP’s) given by world  health  Organization (WHO)  ,National Command center and disaster authorities .

Shortage of medical supplies and personal protective equipment  PPE’s was also one of the reason increasing infection rate. Earlier  President of Pakistan, Doctor Arif Alvi expressed his concerns on situation develop due  to pandemic covid-19 in Tv interview.

Lahore is worst effected from  covid-19 and  Could be Wuhan of Pakistan,President Arif Alvi added. He also Directed to  Citizens must follow the SOP’s to  be safe from covid-19.

Mean while  Pakistan eased the lock down after more than 2 months and Country enters   in second phase of lock down. Financial crisis was also rose up  on grass root level besides pandemic corona virus covid-19 crisis. More than 60 % of the population is the labor work force  which depends on daily wages.

Countrywide  more than 885  doctor, nurses and  health care professionals  so far recovered  and returned  to home and again serve the nation in fight against the pandemic corona virus Covid-19 .

Prime minister Imran Khan took the notice and ordained to immediately implement the contagious plan for the safety of the front line  first respondents.

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