Monsoon floods claim over 230 lives in South Asia

Over 12 million people have been stranded or displaced as devastating floods continue to ravage India, Nepal, Bangladesh

At least 234 people have lost lives and other 29 reported missing, in the deluge caused by incessant rains in South Asia, over last one week, revealed data from four countries, Nepal,India,Pakistan, Bangladesh.

Some 9.4 million people have been affected in India’s Northeastern provinces of Assam and Bihar. In both provinces 95 people have been reported dead. In Bihar alone, 4.6 million people have been affected due to flooding and landslides.

In the Himalayan country of Nepal, at least 90 people were reported killed and 29 remain missing, according to date issued by the country’s interior ministry.

Nearly 17,000 families have also been displaced in country’s east and central regions. The landlocked country has sought help from international aid agencies to mitigate the losses.

In Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir, 35 people were killed and 23 others injured, when lightening and flash floods struck parts of Neelum valley.

According to National Disaster Management Authority, 173 houses and 70 shops were washed in flash floods. Besides, 500 people have been displaced in the region.

In Bangladesh, rains killed at least 11 people and left millions more marooned, for over past few days, officials said on Thursday.

According to the disaster management and relief ministry, over 3 million people have been affected so far by the flooding which started about two weeks ago.

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