Model Stages Silent Protest on Gucci Catwalk over ‘Strait Jacket’ Designs

If fashion is a reflection of the times it is little wonder that the current round of shows have often felt discombobulating.

A model staged a silent protest while walking in the Gucci show at Milan Fashion Week on Sunday.

Ayesha Tan-Jones and other models were dressed in white jumpsuits for the show, some resembling strait jackets.

Tan-Jones, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, wrote “Mental health is not fashion” on their hands.

Gucci said the designs were meant to represent “how through fashion, power is exercised over life, to eliminate self-expression”.

Posting on Instagram after the show, Tan-Jones wrote: “Straitjackets are a symbol of a cruel time in medicine when mental illness was not understood, and people’s rights and liberties were taken away from them.”

She added “It is in bad taste for Gucci to use the imagery of straitjackets and outfits alluding to mental patients, while being rolled out on a conveyor belt as if a piece of factory meat.”

Tan-Jones added that they, along with some of the other models in the show, were donating a portion of the fees they were paid by Gucci to mental health charities.


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