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Minorities in NY Tormented as Virus Desperation Arouse Medical Discrimination

The novel covid-19, commonly known as the Coronavirus has peaked extremes ever since being declares as a pandemic all around the world. The virus initiated from Chinese city of Wuhan and made its way across the world, affecting major populations of the world. As of now, over 70,000 people have lost their lives as an outcome of this virus.


United States of America reported its first case of the novel Covid-19 on January 20th, 2020. The president of the United States Donald Trump guaranteed that the pandemic will not be as severe in the states as compared to the rest of the world. That was the day of a hollow promise, fast forwarding to today when the United States of America lead the list of countries in the world with the most cases recorded, peaking over quarter of a million. New York became the epicenter of the outspread of the virus in the United States, with the numbers hitting almost a hundred thousand.


Though the medical health department seeks an escape route by throwing the rubble on the people for worsening the situation, the medical health department itself cannot be vindicated of the train wreck with their weak policies on display and moreover, discrimination in terms of medical response.


New York, as we know, is the hub for people relating to all casts, religions and nationalities. Diversity is what describes New York. The story is being rant out by various community organizations of New York that the hospitals refuse to take in any new covid-19 case unless you are a person of influence. The hospitals, in a lot of local source features, have refused to even the test the patient, telling the person to isolate himself within the household surrounded by his family.


According to the community organization, there have been a lot of cases that have risen recently, that have been “dismissed off” by the local hospitals without conducting a proper medical checkup. Shabbir, a Pakistani American, is the latest to die of the virus due to negligence of the medical health department. The number of Pakistani Americans in New York that have lost their lives due to the pandemic has now hit 10 in 10 days. Shabbir developed symptoms of the virus while being isolated in his house along with his family. He wasn’t given the medical attention that should have been provided to every equal citizen of New York. Inayat Ullah was another similar case to face prejudice in terms of medical attention and thus lost his life.


Muaviz Asad Siddiqi, a renowned senior journalist and social worker from the Pakistani community in New York, is another Pakistani in the queue of medical injustice. He developed mild symptoms of the virus but was rejected by the local hospital, being told to stay at home. As a result his family got exposed to the virus thus contracting the synptoms themselves, with three members of the family being in severe fever.


Is Equality being compromised? Has discrimination taken over in these desperate times?


The Pakistani Community along with the other minorities of New York seek answers from the Medical health department as to what their course of action should be, being faced with a sad display of discrimination. Will the Medical health department put prejudice aside and come forward to assure security to the nervous families or will the families have to reside in fear for the rest of the days?


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