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Mellinda Katz District Attorney of Queens Borough infected with Covid19

New York, district attorney of Queens Borough, Millanda Katz infected with Corona virus.

According to American media reports, the District Attorney Katz conduct a Corona test which came out positive. She feels better and working from home.

It is worth mentioning here that most Corona cases in the United States are reported in New York City.

Most cases of this epidemic reported in Queens Borough and this is the borough Mellinda Katz , recently elected as district attorney

American media added that Melinda Katz knows on March 21 that she becomes a victim of Corona ۔

It was unclear how she was infected from the virus

Thousands of the Pakistani American community lives in Queens Borough, and many of them are supporters of District Attorney Katz, during Elections

Katz was also former Queens borough president,

Supporters prayed for her recovery

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