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Malaysian man finds monkey’s selfies and video after finding lost phone in jungle

A Malaysian man found a bizarre surprise on his camera roll after he retrieved his lost phone from a jungle near his home  a series of photographs and videos that appear to have been taken by a monkey.

According to media  report, 20-year-old student Zackrydz Rodzi, who lives in Malaysia’s Batu Pahat, went to sleep with his phone next to him. But when he woke up on September 12, he found it missing.

Rodzi told  media outlets that his father called his number and traced the phone to a jungle behind their house. His father has reportedly spotted a monkey near their home.

But when he opened the photo gallery Rodzi said he found several close-up shots of a monkey, along with a number of out-of-focus pictures of plants and trees.

Sharing the pictures and videos on Twitter on Sunday, Rodzi described the incident as “something that you might see once in a century”.

The initial tweet, which was a screen record of the gallery, was viewed over 2 million views after it was posted.

Monkey selfies have previously made headlines too. In 2017, a photographer named David Slater from Monmouthshire won a legal battle  against PETA over a widely shared selfie clicked on his camera by a macaque monkey in the Indonesian jungle.

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