Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashes Stolen, Photo Defaced on 150th Birthday

In a shocking development, some of Mahatma Gandhi’s remains were stolen from a memorial in central India.

The famous leader’s ashes were taken from Bapu Bhawan in Laxmanbagh Sansthan, where they had been kept since 1948 , the year of his assassination by a Hindu extremist.

A portrait of Mahatma Gandhi was also defaced at Bapu Bhawan in Laxmanbagh Sansthan on Gandhi Jayanti by unidentified persons who wrote “deshdrohi” (traitor) over it and also stole an urn which was used for immersing his ashes, police said.

The incident happened on Wednesday when the country was celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation.

Police sprang into action after Gurmeet Singh, a leader of the Congress party, filed a complaint, pressing  “I urge Rewa police to check CCTV cameras installed inside Bapu Bhawan.”

In the complaint, Mangu had alleged that the stolen urn contained the ashes of Gandhi, but Khan said police were not sure about it.

Some Hindu hardliners oppose Gandhi and his views because he advocated Hindu-Muslim unity. This is despite the fact that he was a devout Hindu himself.

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