Kenyan finance minister arrested on corruption

Kenya’s Finance Minister Henry Rotich and other treasury officials were arrested on corruption and fraud charges over a multi-million dollar project to build two mega dams.

Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji had ordered the arrest and prosecution of Rotich and 27 other top officials on charges of fraud, abuse of office.

“According to the contract, the project was to cost a total of $450 million (£361m), but the treasury had increased this amount by $164 million “without regard to performance or works,” said Mr Haji.

A string of top officials have been charged since last year, when a damning report from the auditor general showed that the government could not account for $400 million in public funds.

Mr Rotich, his principal secretary and the chief executive of Kenya’s environmental authority then presented themselves to the police.

Mr Rotich has previously denied any wrongdoing, as has CMC di Ravenna.

The arrests are part of a drive by President Uhuru Kenyatta to combat corruption in the poverty-plagued country

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