Kashmir Solidarity Day observed by Pakistan Embassy in U.S.

India must halt its campaign of torture against civilians

WASHINGTON DC — Pakistan Embassy in the United States observed Kashmir Solidarity Day on 06 April 2018 with a key address by Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry.

The occasion was widely attended by officials and friends of Kashmir as well as local and foreign media representatives. Pakistani officials also received a representative delegation of Kashmiri Americans at the Embassy and reaffirmed their diplomatic and moral support for Kashmiris.

The Ambassador briefed the delegation on the continuing grave human rights situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK), especially since the simultaneous extrajudicial murders of 20 Kashmiri youths in various parts of South Kashmir on 01 April 2018.

Ambassador Aizaz Choudhary noted that it was a matter of pride for Kashmiris living all across the world that despite Indian state’s ongoing campaign of brutality,  peaceful civilian Kashmiri protesters had come out in large numbers in the streets of IoK to raise their voice against indiscriminate killings of Kashmiri young men by Indian security forces in fake encounters.

“Unfortunately, the Government of India, instead of listening to these protesters had resorted to the indiscriminate use of force”, he recalled.

Ambassador condemned the use of unbridled violence by occupying Indian security forces against civilians included the use of live munitions and blinding pellet guns.

“This had resulted in hundreds of Kashmiri injuries.” Ambassador regretted the fact that India refuses to learn from the past that its unrelenting violence against Kashmiris has only strengthened their resolve to stand up for their rights.

Ambassador Chaudhry reiterated government of Pakistan’s demand that India must immediately halt its campaign of torture against civilians in the occupied territory and allow international human rights organizations access to IoK to determine the extent of brutalities in various parts of Kashmir.

He reminded the international community including the United States, of their responsibility to unequivocally urge India to respect the fundamental human rights of the people living under its occupation.

“Most importantly, the United Nations and the members of its Security Council should honor their commitment made with the people of Kashmir more than seven decades ago to allow them an opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination through an impartial plebiscite”, the Ambassador stressed..

The Ambassador assured the delegation that Pakistan remains committed to achieving peace and stability in South Asia through peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions and the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The delegation of the Kashmiri American nationals thanked the government and the people of Pakistan for their continued moral, diplomatic and political support to the legitimate struggle for the right to self-determination by the oppressed people of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. They resolved to raise the present precarious human rights situation In IoK at various fora in the US including the Administration and the Congress.


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