Journalists in the world are our ambassadors, Zulfi Bukhari said in IAPJ online Oath ceremony


Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan for Overseas, Zulfi Bukhari, addresses the Oath  ceremony of International Association of Pakistani Journalists IAPJ in Washington while addressing he said, Journalists working in different countries of the world are our ambassadors who project a positive image of Pakistan

The Oath ceremony of International Association of Pakistani Journalists was held online due to Corona, hosted by Khurram Shehzad in Washington. President IAPJ, Shahid Chauhan described aims and objectives of the organization and services of overseas Pakistani journalists.

Zulfi Bukhari told participants that at present country enemy is engaged in conspiracies against Pakistan, he does not miss any opportunity to harm Pakistan.

Overseas journalists around the world should respond to this propaganda and highlight positive aspects of the beloved homeland. This will be the greatest service to your country and nation.

Addressing online Oath ceremony, Tahir Javed, a senior leader of the ruling Democratic Party in US, said that there is complete freedom of expression in US.¬†“Nations never fall into disrepair without undue restrictions on the people,” he said, adding that Pakistani-born journalists were performing their duties unhindered in US and around the world.

The online event was attended by Pakistani journalists from more than 30 countries. On this occasion, Zulfi Bukhari took oath from the newly elected officials and congratulated them,
Finally, Ayaz Mahmood, General Secretary of International Association of Pakistani Journalists, thanked all the participants.

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