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JI Leader and Ex MNA Hafiz Salman died.

Fateha khuwani arranges in NYC.

New York,

Leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan and former member National Assembly (MNA), Hafiz Salman Butt died of a heart attack last week in Lahore, Pakistan.

New York-based Pakistani-American Pharmacist Chaudhry Zahid Farooq arranges a Fateha at his residence for the reward and forgiveness of deceased. The Fateha Khawani was attended by business and social personalities of the community including Pakistani American Pharmacists and prayed for highest rank and forgiveness of deceased.

On Fateha Khuwani, participants said that late Salman Butt was a brave and straightforward leader and an honest man who raised their voices at every forum for the oppressed of the society. Participants paid homage to the deceased for political services.

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