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Israeli Troops Kill Gaza Teens during Border Protests

Two Palestinian teenagers have been killed by Israeli gunfire during a protest along the Israel-Gaza border fence.

Gaza’s health authorities said Ali al-Ashqar, 17, and Khaled al-Ribie,14, were shot in the chest by Israeli police on Friday while thousands of Palestinians held protests at several sections of the fence.

According to the officials, 76 people were also wounded by Israeli fire, 45 of whom were targeted.

They added that most of the victims suffered upper-body wounds which shows an intent to kill.

An Israeli military spokesman said that troops guarding the border were faced with more than 6,000 demonstrators at several points along the fence, some hurling explosive devices and firebombs.

He said that some briefly managed to cross the fence before returning to Gaza, and that Israeli forces responded with riot dispersal measures.

The spokesman did not comment on the deaths.

A Palestinian who regularly attends the marches told that most people take part because they and their families are feeling an intense toll from the economic blockade, and also from the closure of the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

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