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Iraq Reopens Border Crossing with Syria

Iraq on Monday reopened the  Al- Qaim border crossing with war-torn Syria after a six-year closure.

The opening of this crossing, which links between the town of  Al- Qaim and the Syrian town of Boukamal, is expected to boost trade between the two neighboring countries.

“The terminal was reopened for travellers and trade,” Farhan Mohamed, member of the Anbar provincial council said.

Syrian government TV showed military commanders from both the Syrian and Iraqi armies cutting a rope and shaking hands, smiling broadly as the border crossing at Albukamel was officially reopened to traffic Monday.

The crossing between Albukamel and Al-Qaim, on the Iraqi side of the border, is one of three linking the two countries.

U.S.-backed Kurdish forces control the northernmost crossing at al-Yaroubia, and other U.S.-backed Syrian forces control the southernmost crossing at Al-Tanf.

Al-Tanf straddles the main highway between Damascus and Baghdad, which will ultimately link Tehran to Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea.

Al-Qaim, 360 kilometers west of Baghdad, was recaptured by the Iraqi forces from the Daesh terrorist group late 2017.

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