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Iraq Parliament Approves PM Adel Abdul Mahdi’s Resignation

The Iraqi parliament on Sunday accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdel-Mahdi amid protests against corruption and poor living conditions.

In an emergency meeting, lawmakers voted to accept the resignation submitted by the premier a day earlier.

Sunday’s session was attended by 241 MPs of the 329-member parliament.

Referring to Article 76 of the country’s constitution, Speaker Mohammad al-Halbusi on Sunday said President Barham Salih will now ask the largest political bloc in parliament to nominate the next prime minister.

Legal experts say Abdul Mahdi’s government will take on a caretaker role for 30 days or until the largest bloc in the parliament agrees on a new candidate to replace him.

But with the question as to who forms the largest political bloc in parliament remaining unanswered, that decision may take longer to reach.

Iraq has been rocked by mass protests since early October against poor living conditions and corruption. Protesters’ demands later spiraled into calls for dissolving Abdel-Mahdi’s government.

According to Iraq’s High Commission for Human Rights, at least 406 Iraqis have been killed and 15,000 have been injured since protests began Oct. 1.

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