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Iran Launched Oil Field Attacks in Saudi Arabia, US

Houthi rebels in Yemen, backed by Iran, originally claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack, knocking out half of the country’s oil production. But U.S. officials say the available evidence is showing that is not possible.

The US has reportedly identified locations in Iran from which drones and cruise missiles were launched against major Saudi oil facilities on Saturday.

Senior US officials told media outlets that the locations were in southern Iran, at the northern end of the Gulf.

Separately, other U.S. officials say the evidence that already has been collected pointed that more than 20 drones and missiles used in the attack on the Saudi oil facilities were launched from Iran.

Other officials told that at least one of the missiles flew through Kuwait’s air space as it headed south toward Saudi Arabia

The conclusions reached by U.S. intelligence and military officials came as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo headed to Riyadh for discussions with Saudi Arabian officials.

Saudi air defences did not stop the drones and missiles because they were pointed southwards, to prevent attacks from Yemen, they added.

Despite the conclusions drawn by a growing number of U.S. officials, Iran on Tuesday continued to deny any role in the attack.


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