Integrated Traffic Control System Introduced in Pakistan

LAHORE: Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) has introduced an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System in Lahore.

The system will be a time saver for both Traffic Police and the public.

It will also improve traffic conditions in the city and will automate challan system for violators of traffic rules.

How Does this System Work?

CCTV cameras installed at/on main signals monitor traffic flow and detect violations. With the help of the data available with Excise & Taxation Department, it generates E-challan which will be sent to the offenders’ addresses via post, along with the video proofs.

Authorities believe that this system will reduce corruption in the police department, help control traffic violations and decrease intense arguments between the warden and citizens over challan.

The system is being initiated from Lahore’s The Mall in the first phase.

Interestingly, it works on a grading system. The system deducts three points for each violation; if the negative score of a driver reaches 20 points in a year, driving license of the violaters gets cancelled.

The violators cannot sell out their vehicles unless they get challans cleared.


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