Indian Toddler Stuck in Abandoned Well for Three Days

Rescue efforts have continued to get a toddler out of the well he has been stuck in for three days in the southern  Indian  state of Tamil Nadu.

Two-year-old Sujith Wilson fell into an abandoned well in Nadukattupatti of the Tiruchirappalli district while playing with friends on Friday evening.

 Wilson initially fell 10 metres but had since fallen further into the open well and massive drilling operation at the site to rescue the boy was proving to be a difficult task due to the rocky nature of the site’s terrain, local media  reported.

“Forty feet more to be drilled and then a passage needs to be cut. The child is in a stable condition and is being monitored via camera,” Tamil Nadu Relief Commissioner, Dr Radhakrishnan  told.

The depth of the well is disputed, with some claiming it to be be 600 feet, while others suggesting it maybe as deep as 1,000 feet.

On the occasion of Hindu celebration of Diwali, former Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted that he was praying for Wilson to be reunited with his “distraught parents at the earliest”.

Illegal drilling to extract water in areas where groundwater is depleting has often been cited for the presence of these wells.

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