Indian Occupied Kashmir Remains Paralyzed by 12th Day Lockdown

India has the world's highest rate of government Internet shutdowns, most of them concentrated in Kashmir.

With the Indian government fearing protests and unrest, the disputed territory has been under lockdown from last 12 days.

People do not have any food left in their homes, thousands of children and people are now starving and patients do not have enoough medicines

As a result of communications blackout in Kashmir, many Kashmiris were kept in the dark about a major news story impacting their lives — and unable to make their opinions known outside the borders of Kashmir.

On the other hand, the blackout has also left the rest of the world in the dark. Human rights organizations trying to track potential violations have struggled to reach or maintain contact with local sources

Hundreds of protesters in Occupied Kashmir clashed with police on Friday, even as New Delhi claimed it would begin restoring phone lines after a 12-day communications blackout.

Police fired tear gas and pellet-firing shotguns to disperse residents who tried to march down. Protesters used shop hoardings and tin sheets as improvised shields, as police shot dozens of rounds into the crowd. However, No injuries were reported.

Sporadic clashes were also reported in other parts of the Kashmir Valley, where phone lines and internet connections have been cut off for nearly two weeks.

Fearing an angry response to its move to end held Kashmir’s autonomous status, India deployed 10,000 additional troops — joining the half a million already there — severely restricted movement and cut telecommunications.

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