India Issues Veiled Nuclear Threat to Pakistan

Amid mounting pressure on India over its illegal move in Occupied Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s defence minister has made a veiled threat of a nuclear war in the region.

India has stuck to its commitment of ‘no first use’ of nuclear weapons but future policy will depend on the situation, the defense minister Rajnath Singh said.

In a visit to Pokhran in western India, defence minister paid tribute to late former prime minister and revered leader of the ruling Hindu nationalists, Atal Behari Vajpayee, for making India into a nuclear power.

Though Rajnath Singh didn’t name any country, it is understood the threat was directed at Pakistan.

It shows Modi’s growing frustration at his ill-conceived move to strip Occupied Kashmir of its autonomy and at the UN Security Council decision to take up the Kashmir dispute at Pakistan’s request endorsed by China after almost 50 years.

Moreover, Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned the international community of “severe repercussions and reactions” if they “silently witness another Srebrenica-type massacre & ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Indian occupied Kashmir”.

Premier Imran Khan has repeatedly said that Pakistan doesn’t want war in the region as military confrontation between the two nuclear-tipped hostile neighbours would spiral out of control and the result would be apocalyptic not just for the region but the whole world.


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