India Impose Curfew in Occupier Kashmir

SRINAGAR: A curfew has been imposed in Indian-occupied Jammu Kashmir in order to subdue protests against the killings of six individuals.

Earlier Indian forces killed as many as six Kashmiri youths blaming them for¬†being ‘suspected militants.’

Indian army’s Colonel Rajesh Kalia said some armed men fired at a checkpoint in southern Shopian area Sunday night.

This was followed by a shootout with soldiers in which ‘suspected militants were neutralised.’

According to Kalia, one of those killed was a suspected militant and a weapon was found at the scene. Three others were found dead in a car some distance away. Another apparent civilian was later found dead in a separate car.

Following these extrajudicial killings, hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris took to street early Monday morning, shouting slogans against Indian brutality in the region.

In order to prevent mass protests, Indian officials have put Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir under curfew by closing schools, suspended Internet services and deploying additional troops in the region.

India has deployed approximately 500,000 soldiers to the Jammu Kashmir.

There were reports of quarrels between the police and Kashmiri protesters but casualties or injuries were not reported.

Despite the curfew pro-independence groups are rumored to have planned more protests.

Hundreds of individuals gathered for the funeral ceremony of the victims.


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