India Decides to Revoke Jammu and Kashmir’s Constitution Status

India Decides to Revoke Article 370 - Jammu and Kashmir to be Separate Union Territories

India issued presidential ordinance to revoke special Constitution status of Jammu and Kashmir.

In an announcement with massive repercussions for Jammu and Kashmir, Home Minister Amit Shah has announced in Rajya Sabha that the government has decided to repeal Article 370 of the Constitution which grants special status to J&K.

The government has also decided to separate the state into two Union territories – Jammu and Kashmir, which will have a legislature, and Ladakh, which will be without a legislature.

Shah’s announcement was immediately followed by massive uproar in the Upper House with opposition MPs protesting in the Well of the House.

The Union Home Minister  Amit Shah says that two Lt Governors have been proposed, one for Jammu and Kashmir and one for Ladakh. Unfazed by the solganeering by Opposition, the Union Home Minister adds that there should be no delay in the removal of Article 370.

Article 370 made it necessary for the Indian government to get the state (Jammu and Kashmir) legislature’s approval for introducing any policies or constitutional powers to the state.​

The BJP has been opposing the special staus for Jammu and Kashmir for a long time. It had earlier claimed that it could not repeal Article 370  during Atal Bihari Vajpayee government due to lack of majority. The BJP has been opposing it since Jan Sangh days.


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