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Independence celebrations in little Pakistan with enthusiasm.

Traditional colorful Brooklyn Festival attended by Pakistani and US community.

Coney Island, NYC,

Pakistanis lives in any part of the world, must celebrates independence with great enthusiasm. Amazing Independence Day celebrated in Little Pakistan, Coney Island, New York city.

The annual Brooklyn Festival was traditionally held by Council of People’s Organizations (COPO) and the Pakistani American Merchant Association. Long live Pakistan slogans chanted in the festival.

The festival started with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by Naat. A tribute was also paid to the community members who lost their lives in pandemic.

Large numbers of the Pakistani community participated in the festival. Raja Sajid, chairman of the Brooklyn Festival, welcome the Participants and also spoke at the Brooklyn Fair.

Haider Afzal, Malaika Faisal and renowned Pakistani singer Noman Khalid fill the colors in the musical concert at Brooklyn Festival. The traditional bhangras was also performed on the stage during musical concert.

Pakistan’s Deputy Consul General, Nawab Adil Khan, also attended the festival and expressed his gratitude to Pakistanis living in the US.

American officials also attending the annual Brooklyn festival and expressed their views. The shields were also awarded to the guests.

Mohammad Rizvi, co-founder of the organization, thanked US officials for coming and praised the role of Pakistani community in US development.

Every year, Pakistanis living in US celebrates national holidays of homeland with great enthusiasm. Future generations will learned from these festivities and continue to repeat this history of eternal love for Pakistan.

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