Imprisoned Roosters Await the Court’s Verdict

5 roosters arrested in rural areas of Sindh in two separate police stations, await the court to grant verdict upon their fate.

The imprisoned roosters, 4 from Ghotki district and 1 in Jarawar District, are considered case property, waiting for the court to decide what becomes of their freedom.

Residents of Mirpur Mathelo and the owner of the roosters were arrested along with the roosters during a raid on illegal gambling sporting at Jarawar. The case was filed 8 months ago by the local police, with the owners getting released on behavioral guarantee while the roosters remain imprisoned. Judicial Case proceedings are underway and the roosters are being presented in court on every hearing.

According to SHO Johi Mumtaz Sarki the gambling culprits were released on personal guarantee bail while cocks were kept as case property under the care of the police. SHO also added that a police officer was designated on special duty to look after the cocks.

Cockfighting is a very popular sport especially in rural areas of Sindh province of Pakistan.

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