Iftar dinner hosted by South Asian community at New Jersey.

New Jersey,

Iftar Party hosted by Sam Khan and South Asian Community Outreach in Edison, New Jersey, which brought together people of different faiths. They all sat down and congratulated the Muslim community on Ramadan and Eid

Pakistani Consul General Ayesha Ali, County Clerk Nancy Pincan, County Democratic Chairman Kevin McCabe and several U.S. officials attended the iftar dinner, including Senator Sam Thompson, Assemblyman Stirley Stanley, Assemblyman Robert Carabin Czech, Assemblyman Jamal Holly, Mayor Brad Cohen, Mayor Jonathan Bush, Mayor Derek Armstrong, Deborah Carnavaca, Governor Community Outreach Director, Commissioner Shanti Nara, Commissioner Charles Tomaro, and Commissioner Claire Bell Isakona Barber.

On the occasion, Pakistani Consul General Ayesha Ali thanked Sam Khan for inviting her to the Iftar dinner and for attending the party.

Later, there was a dialogue between the two mayoral candidates of Edison. Both candidates appealed to the Muslim community to use their votes to win the mayoral election

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