ICNA Relief’s Exemplary Social Services During the Pandemic in US

United States of America, along with the entire World is affected from Pandemic Covid-19 and life is bleak. In this regard ICNA Relief has kept their former tradition alive and stood up for the victims.

ICNA relief is active in NYC Bronx borough, determined to help the affected. ICNA relief volunteer prepared well for the national catastrophe and distribute the essential food nutritions in Bronx.

Shabbir Gul, the consultant of this caravan,thanked the volunteers and introduced the team .

ICNA Relief carries its operations all across the nation, not limited to any certain area or community. It also plays an effective role in collaboration with other organizations. A consultant for ICNA Relief services, Shabbir Gul elaborated the functions of the organization and expressed gratitude towards all the people. According to Shabbir Gul, the lives of people in Bronx are stagnant. ICNA relief and their volunteers stand with people of Bronx in these hard times

Shabbir Gul shed lights on ICNA relief efforts, they makes a comprehensive strategy for distribution of essential food nutrition’s in poor and needy and also arrange home delivery for old age and handicap peoples.

ICNA relief also provides an opportunity to other organizations for relief work under its umbrella and the reason besides this, skilled, competent and hardworking team of volunteers.

In US, ICNA relief is practically active on ground and ran an effective campaigns on social media. There is unlimited volunteers in ICNA relief fleet and many kind hearten Volunteers involved in ICNA relief caravan. Officials from other organizations also praised the ICNA relief efforts.

People are barred at home due to Pandemic corona virus in all of US thus facing a hassle in getting food and nutrition’s. In this scenario ICNA relief has proven that their team is determined & motivated. ICNA Relief fleet is raised with enthusiasm of helping and serve people.

Keeping the situation in sight, ICNA relief has initiated its services on the distance of a phone call. In need of assistance, the people are seeking help and phone calls to ICNA Relief Office and provides information and home address to receive essential food nutrition’s goods.

Due to spread of pandemic novel Covid-19 virus, activities were accelerated at ICNA Relief Offices. Packed food items were carried over in private vehicles of the volunteers to the homes in need.

ICNA Volunteers added that in these hard times they help without discrimination of color, race, nationality and religion. Providing nutrients to the homes of the needy, we get irresistible spiritual happiness and satisfaction.

There is not a complete lockdown after the outbreak of the Corona virus in United States, specially in NYC. Citizens are particularly agitated by the naivety of the situation and when the lockdown would be lifted.

Shabbir Gul, in-charge of the ICNA Relief Organization says that this week around 1,000 people will get supplies with nutrition’s and essential food items.

ICNA Relief Squad is in full swing and stay. The coming may be even harder but the spirits remain high. Let us all be fists of unity and serve those people who are in need today.

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