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ICNA Relief Inaugurates 23rd Women Transitional Home in Baltimore for Americans

Thousand of  homeless people including women live in  super power, wealthy   and  well developed   United States of America. where  Government and also different non government organization (NGO’s) work for their betterment social welfare

ICNA Relief, one of the most efficient NGO of US, has now taken it upon its hands to accommodate the homeless people of US. In their surge for the completion of the goal, ICNA Relief has just initiated its first transitional home for women in Baltimore, taking the tally to 23 ICNA Relief shelter homes across USA.

The ICNA relief Shelter home consist on eight rooms, has neat and clean kitchen, play area for children and prayers  place for offering Namaaz.

Inauguration ceremony was carried out by ICNA Relief on the location of the newly established shelter home, Governor of marry land with Baltimore , local council and members  of mosques from Muslim community attended the ceremony. Everyone termed the social work of ICNA Relief “exemplary”. while SOPs regarding the novel Covid-19 were followed.

The ceremony commenced with the chairman of “Helping Hands” Mohsin Ansari,  ICNA Relief  Baltimore  Outreach Director Ibrahim Abu Soya  and Nasreen  Rehman from “Hajira Hope” who cut the ribbon to officially mark the Baltimore shelter home, operational. Speaking to Voice of South Asia, Mohsin Ansari emphasized on the importance of giving. “ICNA Relief took it to themselves the safety and well being of the women of US”, added Ansari.

City council women  Sharon Green praised ICNA women transitional home  initiative. “Baltimore really needed these kind of shelter, American   Muslims always help needy and homeless people”, she added.

on the occasion representatives of Baltimore Governor and Mayor also admired  social activities of ICNA relief. “Icna relief provides diverse and peaceful environment  to women ” they added   While addressing to the attendees.

The volunteers of ICNA Relief were awarded with shields towards the end of the ceremony, for their exceptional and selfless work for the society.

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